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Reflections on REI’s Two-Day Racial Equity Workshop

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. In November, the Next Stage team participated in the Racial Equity Institute’s two-day Phase 1 training designed to “develop the capacity of participants to better understand racism in its institutional and structural forms.” The workshop was hosted in […]

Continued Growth at Next Stage, Meet Janet Ervin

by Josh Jacobson We are thrilled to announce that Janet Ervin has joined Next Stage as Consultant. Janet brings a depth of experience in strategic positioning, brand development and communications to her role as a Consultant at Next Stage. Prior to joining our team, Janet spent more than 13 years working with Charlotte-based nonprofit organizations, including […]

Next Stage’s Values and Guiding Principles

by Josh Jacobson Of late we have been talking about the importance of values and guiding principles to informing the culture and brand of a nonprofit organization. We think it is really important and an under-examined element of the nonprofit business model. But what about the private sector? Aren’t values and guiding principles just as […]

The Values Retreat: A Love Letter

by Josh Jacobson This past Monday, I had the opportunity to engage in one of my favorite activities: facilitating a values retreat. Of all the ways in which Next Stage engages in facilitation, none is more spirit-lifting than bringing together the board, staff and key stakeholders of a nonprofit to talk about their “why” and […]

Nonprofits and the Culture Conundrum

by Josh Jacobson Here at Next Stage, we talk a lot about nonprofit strategy. Seriously, so much. Click around our website, and you’ll see thoughtfully crafted pages and myriad blog posts outlining our approach to strategic planning, resource development, talent acquisition and operational excellence. But there’s one area of nonprofit strategy that we don’t think […]

Why Next Stage Is The Right Talent Search Partner

by Tanya Varanelli We hear from nonprofit organizations all the time about their challenges in recruiting strong candidates for critical roles. Having spent my career in talent recruitment, I know what it takes to develop relationships with skilled, mission-driven individuals to ensure they are matched with the right organization and are poised to make a […]

Relational Marketing Key to Sourcing Nonprofit Talent

by Josh Jacobson As I wrote in The Biscuit earlier this year, the once robust pipeline of professionals seeking roles in our area nonprofit organizations has slowed considerably. When I arrived to Charlotte in 2008, there were few job openings – organizations were weathering the downturn and temporary hiring freezes were common. By 2011, a […]

Giving the Position Description a Facelift

by Tanya Varanelli Finding and securing the best nonprofit talent is at its heart a marketing effort. Organizations often begin recruiting for a new role by thinking about what type of candidates will apply. First, we should consider that a strong position description is key to attracting quality candidates. Take a step back and make […]

Nonprofits & Pay For Performance? You Betcha.

by Josh Jacobson It’s time we got comfortable with a once-taboo subject: providing increased compensation and bonus for the employees of nonprofit organizations based on individual performance. But to do it, we need to talk about KPIs. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. KPIs drive the underlying business models of countless private sector companies but […]

What Is Up with the Nonprofit Talent in Charlotte?

by Josh Jacobson It’s tough out there folks. We hear from organizations all the time about their challenges in recruiting suitable candidates for critical roles. Where once there appeared to be an abundance, there now seems to be a trickle. What gives? We have a number of theories that we’ll explore over the next month, […]