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Giving the Position Description a Facelift

by Tanya Varanelli Finding and securing the best nonprofit talent is at its heart a marketing effort. Organizations often begin recruiting for a new role by thinking about what type of candidates will apply. First, we should consider that a strong position description is key to attracting quality candidates. Take a step back and make […]

Nonprofits & Pay For Performance? You Betcha.

by Josh Jacobson It’s time we got comfortable with a once-taboo subject: providing increased compensation and bonus for the employees of nonprofit organizations based on individual performance. But to do it, we need to talk about KPIs. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. KPIs drive the underlying business models of countless private sector companies but […]

What Is Up with the Nonprofit Talent in Charlotte?

by Josh Jacobson It’s tough out there folks. We hear from organizations all the time about their challenges in recruiting suitable candidates for critical roles. Where once there appeared to be an abundance, there now seems to be a trickle. What gives? We have a number of theories that we’ll explore over the next month, […]

Doubling Down on Talent

by Josh Jacobson As noted in our recent blog post, Next Stage is making a commitment to strengthening nonprofits throughout the Charlotte region with a renewed focus on implementation – marrying game-changing strategy with strengthened structure, talent and culture to help that strategy take flight. Today I am proud to announce the addition of a […]

On The Move at Next Stage

By Josh Jacobson It was really just a kernel of an idea – what if we could develop a program for the founders of emerging nonprofit organizations that would impart all the important stuff they need to be successful. I’d wrestled with it for a number of months before shelving it. Too ambitious. Too much […]

Reflections on the Summer Fellowship with Next Stage

by Ellie Pennybacker As my summer comes to an end, I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough. Josh, Caylin, and the entirety of the Next Stage team have made this experience so enriching. By letting me jump right in, sit in on meetings, and help where I could, they truly made me feel like a […]

What Use is Strategy Without Implementation?

By Josh Jacobson The title of this post is both rhetorical and practical – what good are solutions if we don’t have the capacity to see them through? For a firm focused on transformative strategy and thought leadership, it is a quandary and constant consideration. We are proud of our work that has yielded new […]

Meet Ellie Pennybacker, Next Stage’s 2019 Summer Intern

I have nine-weeks to get to know all 4,000+ nonprofits in the greater Charlotte area! Not really, but I hope to at least get to know a few during my internship with Next Stage. My name is Ellie Pennybacker and I am a rising junior at Davidson College studying Anthropology and Educational Studies. During my […]

#NonprofitBookClub: Winners Take All

Welcome back to the second iteration of Next Stage’s #NonprofitBookClub! This month, we’re reading Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World by Anand Giridharadas. I know – quite a bold title. But in the spirit of Josh’s column in the Biscuit, “Breaking Good,” Next Stage is sparking more bold conversations in 2019. […]