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3 Lessons from the Great Recession

By Josh Jacobson Hello Charlotte, how is everyone doing? No, I mean it. Are you doing okay? I hope you are. This post is meant to make you feel better, so I’m going to state that on the front end. All of us at Next Stage remain bullish on where our community is going long-term […]

The New Normal

Early last week, life in Charlotte turned upside down as businesses, nonprofits and families rushed to adapt to home-based digital life. Many of us are homeschooling kids, figuring out how to have virtual board meetings (anyone else doing the ZoomMullet?), calculating our TP stock and working to make sure the most vulnerable among us have […]

Kris Reid Cares About the Local Food System

The article below was published by The Biscuit as a part of Josh’s new series highlighting staff leaders in Charlotte’s nonprofit sector who are shaking things up and making an impact. You can find it, here.   “You know what’s more contagious than [coronavirus] … Fear is way more contagious.” – Kris Reid Calling it a crisis would […]

A Formula for Fundraising Success During COVID-19

By Josh Jacobson One upside to the coronavirus (did I really just type that?) is reconnecting with current and past clients. I’ve enjoyed the check-in calls with friends new and old over the last few days. Most have had a theme. Can you guess it? Yes, fundraising is on the mind of the leaders of […]

So Your Event Was Cancelled, Now What? 

By Janet Ervin Galas, walks, golf tournaments, luncheons – our email inboxes were filled last week with cancellation after cancellation. I’ve had to cancel or disrupt several events for weather and I once had to shut down a charity walk trail because deer jumped on the path, knocking someone down and breaking their tailbone. Global […]

We’ve Got Your Back

You’ve received a ton of emails and read a number of blog posts informing you of the many ways companies plan on handling COVID-19. This is not one of those blog posts. This communication is about you. As a champion of social good, you are an incredibly important cog in a great big machine that ensures […]

Spring Into Action with Next Stage

by Josh Jacobson Alright everyone, it’s March already. Does it feel like 2020 is flying by? It sure does for us! As we plan to spring forward this Sunday (don’t forget about daylight saving time), the team at Next Stage pondered some of the items we see prioritized at the start of the fiscal year […]